Management of the Beck-Cage

Normal weather condition:

A small portion of the cage is out of water. The net dries in sun/air.

Self-cleaning of nets by sun and air:

At the period of fingerling stocking, the cage shows 1/3 out of water.

The net tries in sun and air. Dry remains are jet of by water power.

Service position:

Cage is half out of water for grading, harvesting, dead fish lifting,

visual controls.

Stormy conditions:

Cage is permanently below water trough – fish lives stress-free.


Feeding: A liquid feeder feeds each section in any depth position

of the cage.

Oxygenation: Diffuse-pipes at the bottom of the cage for air or liquid oxygen. The propeller of the ship streams water through the cage.

Grading of fish:  Each section has a radius-net with fixed mesh sizes.

By revolving the cage, fish is graded. Big fish is leaded to the fish pump.

Harvesting of fish: The section-nets for grading fish,

are used for harvesting by revolving the cage.

Dead fish collection: A special pipe over the length of the cage collects the dead fish when revolving the cage. A device on the endless rope push the dead fish to and opening at the end of the pipe.