Management of the Beck-Cage

Normal weather condition:

A small portion of the cage is out of water. Fish gets atmospherig air.

Self-cleaning of nets by sun and air:

At low stocking density and calm weather, the cage shows half out of water.

The net dries in sun and air. Nets never have to be changed.

Stormy conditions:

Cage is permanently below water trough – fish lives stress-free in their natural environment.


Feeding: The patented automatic feeder press dry pellets into a water stream, which arrives within seconds in the cage-sections at any depth of the cage.

Oxygenation: Diffuse-pipes, fixed on 4 lowest longitude-pipes, bring air or liquid oxygen in each section and atmospherig air into "air-bells".

Harvesting and grading of fish: The section-nets, stored at the axial pipe is pulled from outsite by an endless rope and fixed to a longitude pipe. Slight rotations of the cage push fish to the fish pump.