MAC - Marine Aquaculture Centre

For research, breeding, on-growing and out-growing of fish

Why a mobile MAC


Concept: MAC is independent – self-sufficient – combines components – overcomes restrictions – saves feed transport costs – has large feed stores and a hatchery and assures a sustainable environment and socio-economy.

MAC is one point anchored on a rope of up to 50 to 200m and circulates over a large area and cause no water pollution. MAC is installed in lice-free areas.


A land based fish farm for producing juveniles is not needed.


Components on the vessel


- Cargo vessel: 70 to 90m - hatchery - fish breeding - clean ocean water -

                                 healthy juveniles


- Large stores: dry pellett feeder, automatic feeding


- Battery set: recharged by wind/solar, no fossil energy


- Dragon sail: when MAC crosses over oceans for suitable marketing


- Scientific research: fish breeding and fish feeding - carnivorous

                                         fish – plankton     


- MAC passes sudden pollutions in oceans and heavy storms.


MASS – Marine Aquaculture Service


For on-growing and out-growing of fish


MASS is a fish-cutter or vessel of 20 to 50m and 1 to 3 Beck-Fish-Cages.

MASS is equipped like MAC, but no sail, no fish breeding and no accommodations for scientific researcher.

At heavy storms or hurricanes, the entire MASS unit moves to protected areas, or the cage is submerged to 20m and gets separated from MAC/MASS. The vessel moves to a safe place.

After the storms/hurricanes, MAC/MASS gets reactivated again.



Offshore Marine Production Capacity

MAC = large cargo vessel and 1 - 3 Beck-Fish-Cages

Cage 2 + 3 hang on joint buttress which let the cage submerge.


1 cage – D 16 m - has a volume of         20.000 m³ -    500 tons fish


3 cages x 20.000 m³ have a volume of   60.000 m³ - 1.500 tons fish


1 cage – D 24 m – has a volume of        45.000 m³ - 1.125 tons fish


3 cages x 45.000 m³ have a volume of 135.000 m³ - 3.375 tons fish


Some sections in cage 2 are for raising juveniles if needed.