Beck - Autonomous Marine Fish Farm

For research, breeding, on-growing and out-growing of fish

Mobile Autonomous Marine Fish Farm with 1 or 3 cages for 500 - 3.375 tons. 

Alternatively: 6 - 12 cages linked to a moored Feeding Barge for 6.750 - 13.500 tons of fish 



Mobile Marine Fish Farm



Beck Marine Fish Farm consist of submersible fish cages, linked to a separate Service Station, which is one point anchored and circulate over a large area, that no fish manure is compiling under the cage and avoid diseases and sea lice.


Hydrodynamic Engineers state, the cylindrical cage and separate Service Station, is the only possible concept to resist the strong inclemency of open oceans and provide fishwelfare in natural living areas of fish and a permanent service by the Service Station.


The unique cylindrical cage design save a lot of cage structure material and the seagoing Service Station, can be a modified second hand cargo vessel. 


Both units are connected by a feed-pipe, air-pressure pipe and cabel for digital control, to assure autonomous managment.

The entire project has no wear-out material. the function is doen by airpressure only.


The Marine Fish Farm is suitable for the open Ocean and for shallow waters, is riskless, safe, sustainable, fishwelfare, economic and profitable. 


Marine Fish Farm for shallow waters

Mobile Marine Fish Farm with 1 or 3 cages, circulate over a large area and do not compile fish manure. The shallow water remain clean and healthy.


At absolute calm weather, the Fish Farm circulate by its own power some meters frequently.


The one point anchored and circulating Beck - Marine Fish Farm is suitable for marine condition and for shallow waters, deeper than the diameter (16 m) of the cylindrical fish cage.


Offshore Marine Production Capacity

MAC = large cargo vessel and 1 - 3 Beck-Fish-Cages

Mobile Marine Fish Farm with 3 cages for 1.500 - 3.375 tons of fish