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Dipl.-Ing. Siegfried Beck

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GAATEM Global-Air-Aquaculture-Technics-Engineering-Management Consulting, gained its international experiences since 1981.



GAATEM is internationally competent in the fields of investigation, evaluation, planning, development and establishment of aquacultural and agricultural projects and in creation of innovative technologies and systems to overcome bottle-necks within the management of comprehensive projects  and assures environmental sustainability and socio-economy.



The international consultant Siegfried Beck developed an


Offshore Marine Aquaculture Cage - System


which is adapted to natural and technical circumstances in the open oceans.

This innovative Beck Fish-Cage provides a stress-free aquculture for the fish and material and assures a sustainable environment and a socio economy of a natural aquaculture in the clean waters of global oceans.


This patented innovation is adapted in the European Atlantic for salmon production and is furthermore suitable for cold and warm water swarm fish in any global waters. 

Inventor Siegfried Beck